Benefit Luncheon

Benefit Luncheon


Join the Journey Sunday School class on Sunday November 20 immediately following the 11:00 services for a lunch to benefit the Washington Alternative Learning Center (WALC). Then, stay to help with the annual greening of the church for the holidays.  The meal will be TexMex and we will tell you all about the exciting ways we hope to partner with WALC. Recommended donation of $3 per person or a $20 family maximum. Contact Lesley Rice at or (423) 847-1222 for more information.





Hamilton County’s Washington Alternative Learning Center (WALC) is designed for students in grades 6-12 who have been suspended or expelled from the regular school setting for behavioral and zero tolerance offenses.  Students are remanded to Washington for a specific amount of time before they are allowed to return to their zoned school.  All students at Washington are at risk of school failure.  Because of the frequent turnover of students and haphazard timing of when students come and go, WALC has no school supply collection or school fees at the beginning of the year and they also have no PTA.  The Journey SundaySchool Class at Hixson UMC is choosing to partner with the faculty and staff at WALC to provide the type of support that they are not currently receiving through the traditional means of other local schools. 




After speaking with the faculty at the school, this is the list of items we will be looking to purchase and/or collect:


For student use ~ 

No. 2 pencils (students are not allowed to use anything else)
Erasers (the kind that go on top of pencils)
Spiral notebooks (1 subject is fine)
Folders (the kind with pockets and center brackets for paper)
Binders (they love the kind with clear covers to put their schedules in) & dividers
* Loose leaf paper - any width
White polo or button down shirts - no extra designs or colors (small logos are OK) - bigger sizes esp. L or XL.
* Solid brown or black belts, again bigger sizes are better, especially men's sizes
* Plain solid white long sleeved t-shirts or "thermal" type shirts to be worn under uniform shirt in winter as our building tends to be chilly all winter
* If anyone is cleaning out a closet and has plain - no special designs or cargo pockets at all - blue denim or khaki denim pants or regular khaki pants, and you want to donate them, we can always use them.
TI-84 calculators (this one is the dream as we know what they cost) and batteries for them


For teacher use~

* Plain copy paper
* Boxes of tissues
* Gift cards for Staples, or the like, as we have to buy our own printer ink and have different types of printers
* Single serve coffee cup things (think k-cup but we have a different brand machine)
* Flash drives (can be low on memory as we use them to save student work on one computer to print from another)
Expo markers and board cleaner

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