Children's Ministry Check In System

Sign In/ Sign Out Process for Children's Ministry 

We ask that you please understand our goal is safety! We want you to feel safe and for your children to be in a safe environment! There are sign in sheets with the regular attendees name already printed. We ask you find their name and sign them in. Also, there is a space for you to let us know where you will be and space to leave additional information (ie allergies). We ask that you please sign them out. 

In additon to the sign in sheet, the preschool age childrenwill be given a printed sticker. Their name will already be on there. The main sticker will go on the child's back. The smaller sticker will go with you. When you come to get your child, you will give us your sticker. It will go on the back on the sign out sheet. If you can not provide a sticker, we will ask for a drivers license.

This process that will help maintain a safe environment. We ask that you will help by following these steps!We want you to feel comfortable and confident that everyone is in good care. If you have any questions please feel free to come by and speak with us. Our door is always open... 


Melia Warren and Alisa Gillis