Children's Worship

Seeds of Faith Worship

(2 year olds– 4/5 year olds )


A worship service that is age appropriate. The service will include song, prayer, offering, scripture lesson, etc. It will occur during the 11:00 am worship service for 2 years—4/5 year olds. 


The children will truly grow in their relationship with God and be able to worship God and learn from Him!


Growing in Faith

(Kindergarten– Third Grade )


An experience that prepares children to engage in lifelong participation in worship. Intended for children Kindergarten through 3rd grade, this worship opportunity will begin August 17th during the 11:00am services.  Families will begin worship together in the main services. At a designated point in the service,   children may remain with their families in the main service or choose to go to the chapel for this new worship opportunity.