Common Ground


God's Story, Our Story, Your Story!


"We need to know where we came from. Knowing connects us, links us, binds us to something greater than we are. Knowing reminds us we aren't floating on isolated ponds but on a grand river." (Max Lucado)



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Common Ground

Common Ground is a 4-week class designed to help you connect with the life and mission of our congregation by learning about the roots of our Christian Faith, our United Methodist Heritage, and Jesus’ call to discipleship. This class is a great way for visitors and new members to get to know others at Hixson UMC and find your unique place in our ministry.


The Common Ground class helped to spark the call to take Hixson UMC's mission statement off the printed page and put it into action in daily life. Common Ground is more than just a class. It's a gathering and fellowship that all HUMC members would be well served to experience.”  - Steve Bowman

The four sessions include: 4 Sunday's from 5-7pm

Week 1: God's Story: From Jesus to our Methodist Roots

Week 2: Our Story: Our Hixson UMC Heritage

Week 3: Your Story: Living a Transformed Life

Week 4: Living the Story: Our Mission in the world


All who call Hixson UMC their church home are encouraged to take this class.



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