CrossTrainers (6th Grade)


Why Cross-Trainers Confirmation Ministry?

Early adolescence is an incredibly important time in a young person’s life. As they enter into their teenage years they are beginning to find autonomy from their parents about what they believe and are beginning to define what they value for themselves. During this time it is vital that they have access to information, experience and process that can help them formulate a healthy worldview and find solid ground concerning faith and values. The Confirmation process brings into focus the life of discipleship and helps students discover and “make firm” for themselves the meaning of a lifelong journey with Christ.


What is Confirmation?

Cross-Trainers is Hixson UMC’s Confirmation Ministry. Confirmation is one of the first significant moments when a young person will have an opportunity to claim their faith and affirm the work of the Holy Spirit in their life. During this journey students affirm the Scriptures, the teachings, and the heritage of the church as Christians and as United Methodists. Additionally, they will have opportunity to enter into the life of our church through Student Ministry activities and missions.

Sunday School

Sunday School is the main time that Cross-Trainers meet each week. During this journey, students experience active, hands-on curriculum through both Scriptural and topical lessons  that help them connect with God, the church and each other.  Students also participate in several mission opportunities. Click here for more details about small groups and classes for students.


Sundays:  9:45 to 10:45am

Meets in Student Ministry Center



Spring Retreat

Each year Cross-Trainers go on a weekend retreat to celebrate the year and grow together in faith. During this retreat, students are given an opportunity to pursue full membership in the church through Confirmation. This retreat often becomes one of the first significant spiritual memories for
young people.


April 27-29, 2018



Curriculum: Our confirmation curriculum (called CREDO) is grounded in these three core principles:

 1. Confirmation is the continuation of one’s faith journey (a journey begun at baptism) and the beginning of one’s covenant relationship with the church—not an end unto itself.

 2. Confirmation is more than just a series of classes. Confirmands must be fully engaged in the life of the church through worship, service, small groups, and involvement in other ministries.

 3. Confirmands should emerge from their confirmation experience prepared for a life of Christian discipleship.


Components of CrossTrainers

Cross-Trainers Ministry is a collaboration of many staff and volunteers. We believe so fully in the importance of this ministry that we do not limit it to one ministry area. Listed below are the components of our Confirmation ministry.

  • Sunday School
  • Spring Retreat
  • Confirmation Project
  • Group Building Activities
  • Middle School Ministry Events
  • Mentorship Program
  • Conversations with the Pastors
  • Mission Projects
  • Youth Choir