Global Missions

Holston Conference Continued Support for African Missions:  Our Conference will continue to help build a bright future for Africa’s children and youth through an orphanage in Yei, and endow scholarships for Africa University.  Holston will continue to support the Ishe Anesu, “God is with Us,” education and outreach project in Mutare, Zimbabwe; The J.J. Roberts School, Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia; and Africa University.  Offerings for these missions given at Annual Conference June 12 should be marked, “Africa Mission Offering.” Our special Easter offerings already have been designated for these missions.



sudanSudan:  God is doing some amazing work in South Sudan. Just in the past year, a covenant between Ligitolo United Methodist Church of the East African Conference (a village 11 miles outside of Yei) and the churches of the Chattanooga District of the Holston Conference has been composed and signed by the Superintendents of each conference (Rev. Fred Dearing and Rev. Mike Hubble) and Pastor Faustino Duku of Ligitolo. This covenant reflects our growing relationship and commitment to support one another in prayer, fellowship, and Christian love. Since then the Chattanooga District has helped build a permanent building in Ligitolo so they would have a safe place to worship. Please notice this is an equal partnership, not a hand out.

Another area God is really meeting needs is the orphanage, fondly called GRACE (God Receives All Children Equally). Christ United Methodist Church of the Chattanooga District gave a Christmas gift to the orphanage that was over $200,000. This is a great start to purchase the property and begin construction of the orphanage. The orphanage will pair South Sudanese widows and orphans together so that both can care for one another. It is truly a win/win situation.

This is just a very tiny snap shot of the wonderful things God is doing in South Sudan. I believe that through our obedience to God’s word, and working together with our brothers and sisters in South Sudan, we can make a difference for generations to come in both nations.



 BexMuslim OutreachBex S:  Bex moved to East Africa in 2007, spent two years studying Arabic and learning about the local culture, and then worked with an aid organization helping meet needs and share Christ in the war-torn country.  Bex and her team were forced to end their ministry in East Africa in early 2013.  After returning to the US, Bex worked with a refugee ministry in Knoxville and led Islam education programs in the Holston Conference.  In August 2014, Bex moved to Harrisonburg, VA for further study and training in issues related to working in a war-zone:  peace-building, reconciliation, restorative justice, trauma healing and conflict-sensitive development work.  She hopes to return to East Africa to begin a new work in 2015.


Sweden—Patrick Teasdale:  Patrick intends to spend from Fall 2011—Summer 2012 in Uppsala, Sweden offering the Good News of Jesus Christ to university students through Campus Crusade for Christ.  Sweden has among the highest rates of alcoholism, suicide and abortion.


East Asia—Mark Gambrell:  At school, learning the local language, studying at a university, building relationships, sharing the faith of Jesus.  Mark is daunted by the task, and sees enormous progress.  He now shares the Good News in the local language and in English.  He will be doing further training in the states in late Spring, then return to school in E. Asia in the early part of 2012.  He hopes to fulfill his calling for an extended stay.  He asks for our Father to guide him in decisions, to provide places to stay, for reliable transport, for clarity for co-workers.  He hopes to see us soon.