Lenten Art Exhibit



The Stations of the Cross are a pilgrimage. A mixture of Christian Gospel accounts and tradition, dating back in some form as far as the fifth century, the 14 stations are stopping points on a journey we make with Christ toward the cross. If we were in Jerusalem, we could make a physical pilgrimage of the heart along the Via Dolorosa, the “Way of Sorrows.”


Christ entered our world to live among us and bring light to darkness. He invites us to walk with him through his darkest moments. As we do this, halting at each station for prayer and meditation, we step once again into the drama of Christ’s sacrificial death so that we might be whole. The Stations of the Cross are profound reminders of the humanity we share with Jesus—pain, relationships, injustice, indignity, weakness, brokenness, death. He knows our sorrows.

This unique rendering of the Stations of the Cross draws our attention to the brokenness of mental illness—and the equal brokenness of our response to it.  As you reflect on the images, accompanying quotes and prayers, your mind may fill with the struggles you or loved ones have experienced on the way to wholeness in mental health. 

Our prayer as a congregation is that, through this exhibit,
God’s grace may embolden us to speak aloud of these
realities and hear, with open hearts, the words

others bravely form through their experience.