Mid-Week (Wednesdays)


Mid-Week Kicks off again on Wednesday, September 6


WORSHIP: Mid-Week Vespers - 6:30pm in the Parlor (Room 221)

Vespers in an evening worship experience offering an opportunity to connect with God and be empowered in our Christian faith. Through Scripture, music and  brief meditation we seek to recognize, receive and respond to God's call in our lives and community. Optional opportunities for quiet prayer, coffee fellowship or Covenant Small Group discussion follows. More info here.


ADULTS: Mom’s Bible Study  6:30pm in Room 131

 Connect with other moms who share your hopes, joys, struggles, frustrations, and sometimes even craziness.  Together we find support and encouragement to help us deepen our faith journey, and strengthen our relationship with Christ and each other through prayer and bible study. Come join other women as we read God's word. Facilitated by Phala Rasmussen. Childcare is provided. 


ADULTS: Men’s Bible Study 6:30pm in Room 130

A gathering of men seeking to grow together in friendship and faith. This group is an expedition of God’s Word, encouraging men through Bible Study, discussion and fellowship. Currently studying Thessalonians. Facilitated by John Fortmiller.


STUDENTS: MID-WEEK OASIS - 6:30pm in the Student Ministry Center

Weekdays are stressful when school is in full-swing. That’s why we’ve designed Wednesday to be a Mid-Week Oasis. Come for a relaxed atmosphere of open-gym and games followed by a time of worship and drawing closer to the presence of Jesus.

CHILDREN: MID-WEEK OASIS  - 6:30pm in Rooms 242, 243 or 248

Group designed specifcally for children, including 3 groups: a K-1st Grade Group, 2nd-3rd Grade Group, and a Tween Group (4th-5th grade). These special small groups create a place where children can play, share, discuss and be encouraged to live life together as they grow in their relationship with God, one another and learn how to live out their faith! 


NURSERY & PRESCHOOL: - 6pm in Rooms 142-144

Loving childcare is offer for children age 6-weeks through 2 years in specialized nursery and toddler rooms. Pre-School children (ages 3-5) participate in an OASIS group specifically designed for their unique needs. This special group creates a place where children can play, share, discuss and be encouraged to live life together as they grow in their relationship with God, one another and learn how to live out their faith!


MUSIC: Handbell Choir - *6:15pm in the Choir Suite

 Bells Angels is a volunteer group of handbell enthusiasts who strive to contribute musically and spiritually to worship services once a month. Hixson UMC uses a five-octave set of Schulmerich handbells and a three-octave set of Suzuki chimes to play a variety of handbell music. 


MUSIC: Chancel Choir - *7:15pm in the Choir Suite

Provides service music and anthems at the 11:00 Sanctuary Worship Service. As worship leaders, we strive not only to be our best musically but also to become better worshipers. We seek to grow musically while at same time grow spiritually. Worship must become much more than a simple melody or lyrics on a page. As we grow we invite others to come grow with us. We seek individuals who not only have a passion for God but also for music. 


MUSIC: River Worship Team - *8pm in the Gym

Seeks to serve God by using their musical gifts to lead others into authentic and meaningful worship in the River Service each week. Currently consisting of more than 40 people, this group serves on a rotating schedule. Each week God molds together the unique contributions of every member to create a community that is growing in Christ together. 




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