Hixson Student Ministry strives to be a resource for both students AND parents. The teenage years are a tumultuous time for both and we believe it is our ministry to be available to you and your family. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.


Kevin Gray, Director of Student Ministries

Church Office: 423.877.1246 (ext 328)

Kelsey Arnold, Student Ministry Assistant





Parent Que Mobile

     We believe that a natural, spur of the moment conversation such as a car ride home can have as much impact as any teaching we can provide. That's why we're offering the Parent Que Mobile. Sign up below to receive a conversation starter each week following the Sunday Night Main Event. Click here to view the current Main Event Series.



We strive to keep our calendar as up-to-date as possible because we believe it is terribly important for you as a parent to be informed on what's going on with your child's youth group. For each item on our calendar, you can click to see more details. For instance, we post all of the scriptures and summaries for each Sunday School lesson right there on the calendar. You can ask how Sunday School went (and get the obligatory "fine") or you can ask your child what they learned about God's love in the Gospel of John this morning. Boom!



It's terribly important for adults to be involved in the lives of young pepole, ESPECIALLY when it comes to spiritual growth. Student Ministry could use your help in a number of different areas. Click here for a brochure [PDF] AND learn how you can get even more involved.



Download the 2014-2015 Parent Handbook [PDF].


Download the Family Information Sheet



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