Weddings at HUMC

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Wedding Information:

Our church believes that Christian marriage is a covenant between one woman and one man before God. Our church is open to all people who understand marriage in Biblical terms. It is a service of worship of God in which vows are taken. It is our deeply held conviction that all weddings should be planned and conducted in a way as to honor the traditions, symbols and rituals of the Church. The sanctuaries are places of worship. The policies and practices of Hixson United Methodist have been thoughtfully and prayerfully established with this in mind. Because we believe that your wedding is important, we have the same standards for weddings that we have for Sunday morning worship services. Couples should contact the church office in advance to secure a date and officiating pastor. Premarital counseling is required for all couples. Normally a period of not less than three (3) months prior to the wedding is suggested for the premarital conferences. Information regarding policies, scheduling, wedding costs, etc. may be obtained through the church office.

Wedding Director - The use of a HUMC wedding director is required for all weddings at Hixson United Methodist Church.

Please call the church office at 423-877-1246 or email the Wedding Director  for more information.