Worship Choirs


Christmas Choir 


As a singer in the choir you allow God to use your gift of song to lift spirits, soften hearts, heal hurts, and to express love. Each and every singer whether they have a loud or soft voice is important to the choir and is needed, because it is through the combining of all voices that the choir is made whole.


ThChancel Choire Chancel Choir provides service music and anthems at the 11:00 Traditional Worship Service. As worship leaders, we strive not only to be our best musically but also to become better worshipers. We seek to grow musically while at same time grow spiritually. Worship must become much more than a simple melody or lyrics on a page. As we grow we invite others to come grow with us. We seek individuals who not only have a passion for God but also for music.


REHEARSALS: Wednesdays, 7:15-8:30pm, Music Suite

Kickoff Rehearsal: Wednesday, August 6 2014

Director: Josh Golden

Accompanists: Nancy McKnight & Tom Shields

Child Care is provided


SonRise Choir

The SonRise Singers provide service music and anthems for the 8:30am Traditional Worship Service. This group is made up of fun loving people who like to sing hymns and enjoys many special opportunities to share music within the local community.  


REHEARSALS: Mondays, 6:00pm-7:00pm, Music Suite

Directors: Josh Golden and Tom Shields

Child Care is provided