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New Here?

Welcome! We are, first of all, Christian believers striving to make Jesus Christ central in our lives.
He is Lord of the Church, and it is around Christ that our vision, values, priorities, and practices revolve. Although Jesus commands us to be perfect (complete), none of us at Hixson would claim to have arrived. We are all being transformed — maturing only as we daily yield ourselves to God. We are not striving to all be the same, but we are striving to work together to make a significant difference in our homes, our communities, and our world.


We’d love to hear from you! Have a prayer request? Anticipating a first-time visit or joining us for a special event? We’d be happy to answer your questions. Contact us by phone, email, or here on the web.

I'd like more information about:



We think it’s helpful to know where we’re going. Why do we worship, study, fellowship, and serve?


How do we work towards our mission? What does transformation look like in our daily lives?


Learn more about what we believe and how we are connected with Christians all over the world!


We believe that knowing our mission is important — it tells us where we’re going; and we are excited to see where God is taking us! We hope you’ll join us as we partner with God to transform the world by  offering help, hope & healing through Jesus Christ.


Because Christ calls us to love God and love neighbor, we offer:

Help for the hungry by feeding as Jesus fed.
Hope for the lost by proclaiming the Good News of Christ.
Healing for the broken by reconciling people through Christian community.

OUR GOALS (2020-2025)

Feed: Distribute more than 350,000 meals in the community and around the world.
Proclaim: Celebrate more than 150 people professing faith in Jesus Christ for the first time.
Reconcile: Connect more than 600 people in faith groups.


What does it look like to be transformed through Christ? As we continually draw near to God, God draws near to us. We know this truth from Scripture. We also experience it! We see the evidence of God’s grace in three primary areas:

1. Our relationship with God — spiritual growth & worship.
2. Our relationship with others — church & community.
3. Our faith is put into action — service & missions.

In other words, we exist so that people may experience:

the grace of the cross
the warmth of community
the mission of the kingdom


Here at Hixson UMC, there are groups for every age and stage of life! We’d love to have you join us for a Sunday School Class or Small Group. Check out some of our ministry areas below: